Enabling Real
Savings for shoppers

The problem

Global Blue is one of the world’s leading suppliers of tax-free shopping information, sales tax refunds for tourists and dynamic currency conversion between shoppers, banks and merchants. They called on First Clarity to provide consultancy on its digital strategy and then architect, develop and maintain five high-availability websites.

The solution provided by First Clarity

First Clarity’s tasks were:

1. web website redesign and rebuild with a specific focus on being CMS driven and integrated to third parties such as analytics and mobile usability

2. data migration and transformation from the pre-existing platform.

  • Application Design and Development
  • Business Requirement Analysis
  • CMS Development with Software houses such as Escenic
  • Functional and Non-functional Testing
  • Hosting – Applications and Websites
  • Technology Architecture Design
  • IT Strategy Consultancy
  • Information Architecture
  • Managed services to host and maintain customer sites and services
  • Performance Testing
  • Project and Programme Management
  • Website Design, Development and On-going Support
  • Websites incorporating external content from third parties as well as internal site development
    Video based services in Flash, windows media formats

The Technology

First Clarity chose Escenic because of its component-based architecture, specifically its widget-build framework websites.

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