Evolok, First Clarity’s new SINGLE SIGN ON FOR THE WEB is set to become the latest product to be launched by the company. Already being used by The Telegraph online newspaper, Evolok is fast becoming the Identity and Access Management tool for the media sector with other media groups in talks to obtain the new solution.

Keith Bishop, Head of Product Development at First Clarity, says “Credential management can be a headache to control, especially for organisations which have multiple usernames and passwords. Evolok simplifies the enrollment and re-enrollment process. It enables integration of single sign-on and strong authentication to provide a single point of access management, password policy and compliance reporting and can be integrated seamlessly and non-invasively into any existing IT infrastructure.”

Evolok’s suite of products has been developed specifically for dynamic, mobile and web-based environments. It also allows companies to capture and engage with their customers more effectively by managing their information.

Keith continues, “This information can be used to optimise the user experience and gain behaviour data. Registrations can be increased by allowing users to login to your site. The new version of Evolok allows users to sign in with a social identity such as LinkeIn, Twitter or Facebook.”